Bold Fashion

Hey guys

Make up is an essential part of fashion. Make up emphasises one’s style.

How many of you like Bold Makeup?

I love bold make up. I love the confidence it gives me.

Bold make up must not be heavy. It’s just a make up in which you feel confident and bold. In which you have the feeling of conquering the world. In which you make heads turn.

My bold make up consists of : foundation, lip gloss and winged eyeliner (or cat eyeliner), concealer

For bold make up I make my base with liquid foundation.

A bold make up is incomplete without red lip gloss or lipstick.

Winged eyeliner gives the eyes beauty. It makes us bold and fearless.

Winged eyeliner steps

1. Prep your eyelid with conealor or primer.

2. Apply pencil eyeliner to your upper lash line.

3. Measure how far out the wing should go.

4. Draw a thin diagonal line out to act as the wing.

5. Make a straight liner from the tip to the middle of uour eyelid.

6. Fill in the outline.

7. Thicken the line at the inner eyelid

Your Bold look is ready.

You are ready to conquer and rock the world.